Need your pet taken to the vet, groomers or daycare? 

Pets are secured during travel, dependent upon the size and needs of your pet, they will be behind a grate in the trunk, harnessed in to the vehicles seat belt system or in a crate / cage.  Note: pets will not be allowed to free roam the car for their own and the drivers safety

Pet Taxi
$70 / hour
Pet Taxi is charged per time used for the journey (mileage included).  Invoices will be sent after the trip.

Charges are $1.16 per minute of pet taxi.  Price is charged from the time we enter your home and collect your pup, to when the pup is in the care of the destination (dog daycare, vet etc.), and vice-versa.

The price covers the journey regardless of the number of pets in the vehicle.  Note: pets must fit comfortably and securely in vehicle, other trips may be required for households with a large number of pets.